Are you as strong as your grandma?

Per Dr Oz, seniors should be able to do the following strength tests.  Can you keep up with grandma?

50-59 year old women should be able to do 7-10 push-ups (he didn’t specify, but I think he means “girl” push-ups with knees to floor).  And 15-19 sit-ups.   For men in this age group, it’s 15-19 push-ups (standard push-up) and 20-24 sit-ups.

60-69 year old women:  5-10 push-ups and 10-14 sit-ups.  Men:  10-14 push-ups and 15-19 sit-ups.

These ranges put you in the “good” category for these age groups.  If you’re younger, you need to do more.  Can you?

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