Want to Dump Fat? Then Eat Protein

Just read an interesting article by Dr Al Sears.

In short, he says if you want to burn fat, eat protein.  When our intake of protein goes up we burn fat.  When our intake of protein goes down, we store fat.   Has to do with a primitive response our body has to lack of protein – it senses starvation and therefore holds onto fat for survival.

Even though starvation is hardly an issue in this country, it has to do with all the low protein junk we eat (chips, bread, sweets, processed foods).  So, not only are we packing on the pounds from all the junk, our body hangs on to all that fat in the absence of enough protein.

Easy remedy:  First, of course, is to cut out the junk!   Then make sure each meal you eat has a protein source.   Consider a high quality protein powder turned into a yummy shake.  It’s a great way to start your morning or perk up your afternoon!

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