Sugar and Flour: Just Say No!

If you’re a friend, family member, or client of mine, you know how I feel about sugar and flour.  Just about everything that ails us as a country  (overweight, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancers, and much more) can be blamed on these two substances.

Most people know that too much sugar is not good but many don’t realize that flour breaks down into sugar very rapidly in our blood stream.  So to me, they equate to the same – they are both sugar.

Too much sugar (flour too) is HIGHLY INFLAMMATORY.  It’s inflammation that sets you up for all the conditions listed above.  Inflammation will break you down and age you very rapidly.

Do yourself a favor.  Take this next week and be an observer of your daily diet.   You know what typical sugar looks like:  candy, cookies, ice cream, cake.  But what about your flour intake:  breads, muffins, crackers, pasta, bagels, donuts, most cereals.

If you find that there is a great deal of sugar and flour in your diet, then you are probably dealing with one of the above health issues.  If not, you’re most likely still young (and temporarily invincible).

Do your very best to limit these foods and replace them with lots and lots of veggies, some whole fruits, and a protein source at every meal.

And if I didn’t scare you enough about the damaging effects of too much sugar and flour.  Then get rid of them for vanity’s sake.  Sugar and flour causes WRINKLES!

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