Prenatal Vitamins: Take them Pre-Pregnancy

If you are in your childbearing years and you are thinking of having kids…  Or currently trying to conceive a wee one…  Or maybe you’re not ready now but hope to have kids in the near future – then start taking prenatal vitamins.

Why?  Conception is usually a bit of a surprise.   Best to be prepared in advance.  The healthiest babies are those that get the best start in life.  You need to lay the groundwork ahead of time.

Prenatal vitamins are similar to a daily multi vitamin/mineral supplement but with a little extra.  Extras like more folic acid for proper brain development, more iron to help both mother and baby’s blood carry oxygen and nutrients, and calcium for healthy bone development.  Pregnant or not, those are good extras!

Taking prenatal vitamins is a must when you are pregnant but you don’t need to wait until then.  If having kids is something you’re currently contemplating, then start taking them now.   That way, should you be surprised, your baby won’t be.

And on a more serious note see link below.  It’s an article about a study showing that women who took prenatal vitamins in advance had less incidence of children with autism.    Los Angeles Times link to recent study


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