Maple Syrup – Who knew?

Looking for a sugar substitute?  More specifically, a naturally occuring sugar substitute – not a Frankenstein sugar like Nutrasweet, Equal, or Splenda.

100% maple syrup may be the ticket.

Maple syrup is sweet and it is high in two very important minerals – manganese and zinc.

The biggest reason to love manganese?  You need manganese to make SOD.  No, not lawn sod but rather super oxide dismutase.  SOD is a very powerful anti-oxidant made by our body – and you need manganese to make it.

The biggest reason to love zinc?  It too helps us make SOD, but it’s also a huge player in a healthy immune system.

There is more to love about manganese and zinc then I’ve mentioned here.  Go to this link to read a little more about maple syrup and these two super star minerals:

A caveat:  we’re talking about REAL maple syrup, not imitation.  And go easy!  It is a sugar, a little goes a long way.

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