Coconut Water – Nature’s Gatorade (and more)

I just wrote about the health benefits of coconuts last week but I want to say more.  Or rather, I want to direct you to another blogger who has some great things to say about all things coconut.   Such things as coconut water being a healthier way to rehydrate (electrolytes) than certainly Gaterade but maybe Pedialyte too.

I’ve given you the link below.   I found myself bouncing all over her blog.   She has several interesting links such as coconut oil helping with weight loss along with comments about probiotics (good gut flora) and autism.  If autism does not affect you directly, read it anyway for the info on why probiotics are so crucial for all of us.

She even has a well done video on good fats/bad fats.  Good fats help you lose weight!!

Check out her blog, it’s worth it.

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