Hey Earthlings! Go Barefoot

Lots of buzz out there about something called Earthing.  What got my attention is the part about going barefoot.  My feet are crying to be set free after a very long, wet, cold Northwest winter.

Earthing, in a nutshell, is considered beneficial because it neutralizes the unhealthy free radicals in our body.  It has to do with the electrical charge of the earth (carried through our bare feet) and its ability to offset (or neutralize) the electrical charge of the very damaging effects of free radicals.

The “ground” rules are that you go barefoot for at least 15 minutes per day in sand, dirt, grass, or on unpainted concrete.  Some of the reported benefits are:  less inflammation, less pain, better sleep, better energy, less stress, it’s even supposed to help with weight loss.

I’ve linked an article if you want to read more.  http://www.annlouise.com/blog/2011/06/23/summertime-barefoot-cure/

So free your feet!   Go Barefoot.

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