Tuna salad – confetti style

I made a big batch of tuna salad last night.  Enough to last for several days.  This way I’ve got plenty to either have at home, or take to work, some to snack on, to have either with crackers or make a meal of it on a big bed of greens, or just a sandwich on whole grain.

I call it confetti tuna salad because it’s so colorful.  I use whatever veggies are in my frig.  Last night’s batch included chopped up broccoli, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, red cabbage, and celery.  The more colorful the better.   I combined all the veggies, the tuna, stirred in a little mayo (Trader Joe’s canola mayo).  Good to go!

It’s a great way to get protein with some healthy carbs (veggies) and healthy fat (tuna, a bit of mayo).

Re the type of tuna I use.  Hear me out now.  I use canned “light” tuna, not fancy “white” albacore tuna.  Why?  Less potential for mercury and pcb contamination.  The bigger the fish, the higher the contamination.  Albacore are huge!  Canned “light” tuna is made with smaller varieties of tuna like skipjack.  The smaller the fish the less likely it is to be toxic.

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