Got too much body fat? Then flip the switch!

Too fat?  Blame carbs.  Let me explain.

When you continually eat the wrong type of carbohydrates your body flips a metabolic switch that causes you to store fat instead of burning fat.   It’s called Switched Metabolism.  It will stay this way until you switch it back.

Stick with me.  This is important.

Switched metabolism has to do with the body’s hormonal response to the level of sugar (glucose) in a particular carbohydrate.

All carbs breakdown into sugar, called glucose.  We absolutely need glucose, particularly our brain, but we need it at a slow and steady pace.

The more fiber and water a carbohydrate has the better.  Fiber and water help to slow down the release of glucose into our bloodstream.

Here’s the problem.  The less fiber and water a carbohydrate has, the faster that carbohydrate’s glucose gets into our bloodstream because there’s nothing to slow it down.  This causes a hormonal surge – hormones like insulin and cortisol.   This constant surge of hormones sends a message to the body to STORE FAT!    Why you ask?  It’s a primitive/genetic response.   If the body feels its being starved of nutrients i.e. a diet of junky, overly refined, processed foods, it will hold tight to fat and continue to store fat as a defense mechanism against the “famine” the body thinks is on the way.

If you continue to eat this way (most Americans do), that metabolic switch will stay stuck in the “store fat” mode.  You need to unstick it.

Check out this chart. 

Most of our daily carbohydrate intake should come from the right side of the chart and then move left i.e. veggies first (lots of them), then whole fruit (just a few), then some whole grains (not much), and avoid refined grains.   Refined grains include most breads, pasta, bagels, cereals, crackers, muffins, cookies.  Basically, most refined grains are flour based foods.  Did you eat any of these today?

When a person gets the majority of their meals and snacks from the left side of the chart (refined, overly processed foods) you can pretty much guarantee they will get fat and stay fat.   And diabetes is right around the corner.

It’s time to change direction.  Lead with veggies.  Stay away from refined grains.  Flip the Switch!   Burn fat, don’t store it.

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