Fat, Cholesterol, Vitamin D – For your brain and baby’s brain

Just read an interesting article.  I’ve linked it below.  The premise is: 1) why did the powers that be scare us away from fat, cholesterol and the sun and 2) the importance of fat, cholesterol, and vitamin D for brain function.

If you read the article in total, they even make correlations between the lack of these nutrients and autism, ADHD, and Alzhiemers.  No one knows the exact cause of these diseases but something is causing the brain to malfunction.

I’m not advocating lots of fat and cholesterol, but a healthy dose is a good thing.  Particularly for your brain neurons that need to be well coated in what’s called a myelin sheath – which is made of fat and cholesterol.  The myelin sheath is what gives your brain fire power.  The myelin sheath helps your brain cells fire off signals.  Side note:  multiple sclerosis is in part due to the lack of, or destruction of the myelin sheath.

A perfect food for most:  the EGG!  It’s got healthy fat, cholesterol and vitamin D.

Here’s the link.  The article is written by Dr Stephanie Seneff.  Dr Mercola posted it at his site.  You may need to subscribe to Mercola’s site to read the article.  Easy to do, just put in your email.  I’m a big fan of Dr Mercola’s blog – always informative.  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/10/19/vitamin-d3-sulfate-exposure-recipe-for-disaster-part-1.aspx?e_cid=20111019_DNL_art_2

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