Instead of Mistletoe think Milkthistle this holiday season.

Why milkthistle?  Because your hardest working organ, your liver, will thank you.

One of the liver’s most important jobs (and it has many) is to rid you of toxins.   Toxins are in and around us all year long but the holiday season can add an extra burden.  Over indulgence takes a toll on our liver and milkthistle helps to ease that burden.

There is a whole lot more we can do to keep our most important organ healthy but that is a blog for another day.

For now, head to your nearest health food or supplement store and get yourself some milkthistle.  Look for the word phytosome or phospholipids in the product description – it will help you better absorb the milkthistle.  Shoot for about 200 mg per day, more if you like to party.

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