Eat less, live longer, and keep your brain healthy.

  • Below is an excerpt from an article in  My comments follow.
  • “An independent study found that overeating may cause brain aging while eating less turns on a molecule that helps the brain stay young. Italian researchers demonstrated that a molecule called CREB1 is triggered by a calorie restricted diet and activates many genes linked to longevity and to the proper functioning of the brain. Calorie restriction is defined as eating 25 to 30 percent less than normal while maintaining optimal nutrition”.
  • Should we eat less than we do?  Probably a pretty good idea for most.  We live in a land of plenty and consequently, we eat plenty.  Including plenty of malnourishing junk.
  • Helping ourselves to a little less food would benefit many.  But the most important part of the quote above, when it comes to eating less, are the last four words:  …”while maintaining optimal nutrition.”   No use cutting calories if those calories continue to be junk.
  • The article goes on to talk about what the researchers found to be the most healthful diet – The Mediterranean Diet.
  • I think the Mediterranean diet is a wonderful way of eating – just as long as I can have a nice steak every once in a while.
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