“What skinny women know”

This post is courtesy of Dr Ann Louise Gittleman.  The full article is linked below.

Summary:  Get the sugar out!  Out of your house.  Out of your diet.  Out of your drinks.

Does this mean no sugar ever, never, forever?  No.  A little bit of sugar is aok now and then.

But sugar, in all its forms, has become such standard fare for so many in this country that its effects are showing in devastating ways:  obesity, diabetes, arthritis and joint pain, inflammation, declining heart health, the list is long.

Her main points are:

  • Get rid of the “wicked whites”:  white rice, white bread, white pasta.   I would include most all things made with flour.  To the body, flour=sugar.
  • Don’t add sugar to your food or drinks.  This includes zero calorie artificial sweeteners.  These Frankenstein sweeteners keep you addicted to sweets.
  • Keep it real.  An apple is real.  So is broccoli, a nice piece of fish, a big green leafy salad.  If you can picture a food growing or grazing or swimming – it’s real, courtesy of Mother Nature.  Unlike overly processed food-like substances that come from factories.
  • Avoid foods that say fat-free.  First of all, fat is good for you.  Your brain is 60-70% fat – don’t starve it.  But eat real fats (olive oil, avocado, butter from grass fed cows, coconut oil).  And, secondly, when manufacturers remove fat from a product in order to call it fat-free they need to replace it with something or that food won’t taste good.  They usually replace it with sugar.

Read the whole article.  She offers good tips.


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