Got Fat? Diabetes? Blood sugar issues? Blame the crummy carbs!

veggie vs unhealthy carbsFat doesn’t make you fat.  Or give you diabetes.

But eating an excess of these carbohydrates – grains, sugars, cereals, pasta and flours – will make you fat.

Why?  Because carbohydrates, when ingested, are broken down into sugar by the body.  Glucose specifically.

Eat too many crummy carbs and your blood sugar will soar.  This leads to excessive insulin production.  And it’s the excess insulin production by the body that makes you fat because too much insulin sends a message to the body to store fat.  It’s a primitive response by the body.  When the body senses danger it stores fat.

And too much sugar (glucose) running around in the blood stream is a danger signal.

Excess sugar is toxic.  And it leads to a whole host of other inflammatory conditions (arthritis, gout, heart disease, the list is endless).

Fats do not make you fat because they do not cause the body to produce insulin.  Nor does protein.

Insulin is only released into the blood stream when there is sugar (from carbs) in the blood.  The more sugar there is, the more insulin there is.  And the resulting insulin message – store fat.

Again. it’s certain foods from the carbohydrate family that cause insulin to spike to unhealthy levels.  These foods (most grains, flours, pasta, and starchy carbs) break down very rapidly into sugar which starts the whole negative cascade of events.

Does this mean no more carbs?  No way!  Carbs, just like fat and protein are part of a healthy diet.  But the carbs you need to focus on are the non-insulin spiking carbs.  Veggies are the very best kind of carbohydrates.  They do not spike insulin.  They do not make you fat.  Plus they are super low in calories and super high in nutrients.

Veggies should make up the bulk of your daily intake of food.  Add in some healthy protein and fat and your body will thank you.


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