Hurry! Act now! Free offer expires March 31st

Did I get your attention?  Good.

There is a wonderful new documentary just out called Hungry for Change.   It’s about health, vitality, losing body fat, beautiful skin, bright eyes, etc.   The movie explains how most of our efforts towards health have been sabotaged by the food and pharmaceutical industries and then goes on to explain what you can do about it.  Part of the title of this documentary is: “Your health is in your hands”.  And it is.  Start by setting aside some time to view this very informative, brand new documentary.

You can watch this 90 minute documentary for free until March 31st.  There is also a short trailer you can watch first.  The trailer should succeed in enticing you to watch the whole thing.

Here’s the link:

P.S.  If you don’t make the March 31, 2012 deadline you can always buy it or rent it.  But free is FREE!  Try and find the time to watch this great documentary before the offer ends this Saturday.

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