Sunscreens – Part 2

Yesterday I posted an article on the potential dangers of many sunscreen products (autism, cancer, etc).  Today, part 2 of that same article (linked below) suggests healthier options so that we can enjoy the sun while avoiding the damage.  It also explains a bit more as to why certain ingredients in most suncreens pose health risks.

Recently I switched out my old sunscreen for one with zinc oxide thinking this was a better alternative.  But according to this article even that may not be good enough.  Apparently, so that the zinc oxide doesn’t sit bright white on your nose, the manufacturer has “nano-sized” the zinc oxide so it blends in better.  Which means that, instead of sitting on the surface of your skin blocking rays, it is now absorbed into your skin and that’s where the danger lurks.

Per the article linked below and others I’ve read, the potentially dangerous sunscreen ingredients are oxybenzone, avobenzone, retinyl palmitate, benzophenone.  And possibly even the “healthier” nano-sized zinc oxide.  You can still buy the old-fashioned zinc oxide.

The good news!!!  I already use one of the supplements recommended as beneficial for the health of our skin and for offsetting sun damage (besides being hugely beneficial for the brain, heart, and eyes).   It’s called astaxanthin and I’ve been supplementing with it for a couple months now.  I’ll still use sunscreen when necessary but maybe I won’t need as much.

So check out the article linked below for suggestions on healthy sun exposure, beneficial foods and supplements, and what to avoid.

We need sun exposure!  We just need to do it right.  Hopefully you will find these suggestions useful.


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