Spinach for Breakfast – Omelet style

I made a spinach and goat cheese omelet for our breakfast this morning.

I just poured the beaten eggs into a pan, let them cook a minute or two, then layered on the spinach and goat cheese.

Once you fold it over and let sit a bit, the spinach wilts and the goat cheese melts.

Regarding my choice of cheese:

I love goat cheese and use it often.  Even those with a sensitivity to dairy find that they do just fine with goat cheese.

But some find goat cheese to be a tad strong.  My next choice would be a sharp cheddar.

Breakfast was good.  Got a thumbs up from my husband too!


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  1. Posted by Diane K on June 16, 2012 at 10:13 am

    Sounds great! Another Julia?



  2. Posted by Linda on June 16, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Keep it coming sis! What about your choice of yogurts I know the yo plait and sugar added are out but are you “allowed ” to give me some brand names to choose from so I don’t have to find my readers and read the ingredients?


    • Our favorite yogurt brands are mostly the Greek yogurts – more protein, usually less sugar. Mike loves Greek Gods pomagranate flavor. Also good is Chobani brand. Anyone else have some suggestions?
      PS I totally get the difficulty these days trying to read the “fine print” of the ingredient list. I never seem to have my reading glasses with me. I think super markets should make them available. Disposable reading glasses – BRILLIANT!! Would someone event these please and pay me a royalty!


  3. Posted by Tracy S. on June 18, 2012 at 6:28 am

    Hi sisters!
    I love the Greek yogurts, too, especially Chobani. I also go with nonfat plain yogurt (Greek or regular) from TJ’s then add chopped fruit, a drizzle of honey and cinnamon. Pretty darn tasty!
    Great idea – disposable reading glasses at the market!!!


    • Thanks for your comments Tracy. My grandson Hank loves Chobani!
      P.S. Please feel free to jump on the disposable reading glasses invention, have Jeff patent it, then just forward my royalties.
      $$ Cha Ching $$


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