7 Doctors in 7 Days. One down, 6 to go. This should be on your To-Do list.

Hopefully you saw my post regarding this great FREE opportunity to listen to 7 health experts give you excellent advice.

I just listened to the first doctor – Dr Amen.  He’s all about the brain!  He gave some great tips.

I was unable to listen to it live, which was yesterday at 1:00pm PST, but they are making each interview available for 48 hours after the initial interview.  So I listened today.   Dr Amen’s interview will remain available for approximately another 24 hours.  Listen – you’ll be glad you did.

Six more doctors to go.  Today is Jonny Bowden on Nutrition and Weight Loss.  I’ve heard him before – great speaker.

Each interview only lasts about 50 minutes so do try and find the time.   This FREE offer only lasts until next Tuesday when the last of the 7 experts speaks.

Here is the link to my earlier post so you can get yourself signed up:  https://nutrisense.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/a-must-watch-7-amazing-doctors-and-nutrition-experts-give-you-their-best-health-advice-over-the-course-of-7-days/


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  1. Hi Lisa, listened to Dr. Amen last night with Taylor. We enjoyed it and it confirmed alot of the things we’re doing,like avoiding sugar, eating mostly vegies and healthy meats,etc. His belief that being” conscientious” was the best determiner of longevitiy was interesting. We really do have a choice! Thanks for spreading the news. xo Jill


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