The Cranberry! Fat buster and toxic waste remover.

Once again, I’m borrowing from one of my favortie bloggers – Dr Ann Louise Gittleman – and her view of the cranberry.

What if, by drinking diluted cranberry juice you could:

  • Bust up cellulite
  • Break down fat
  • Help your liver detoxify your body (can’t lose weight if you’re toxic.  And if you carry too much fat, you are toxic)
  • Keep your lymphatic drainage system moving.  This is a secondary circulatory system throughout your body that helps clear toxic waste.  You do not want this critical system to be backed up with sludge!
  • Help shed excess water weight
  • Keep blood sugar in balance

I’m convinced enough to try it.  Got a jug of cran-water in the frig right now and I’m drinking a glass of cran-water as I type.

I’ve linked her article below.  Read it for the full scoop and the recipe.

P.S.  Very important!  You want 100% pure cranberry juice.  Not cranberry juice cocktail.  Not a cranberry juice that says on the label that it contains 100% juice – because that could mean it contains some cranberry juice, some apple juice, some pear juice, etc.  Turn the bottle around and read the ingredients.  It should just say 100% cranberry juice.


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