Cucumbers: A cure-all superfood

This is my second post on cucumbers.  I think the info is worth repeating.  Any time you can use a food as medicine, I’m all for it!

Here is a summary of why cucumbers are considered a superfood: (Info borrowed from Natural News.  Full article linked below)

  • Weight loss and digestion: due to their high water content, low calorie count and high fiber
  • Constipation relief: due to water and fiber content
  • Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure:  contains hormones, sterols, and electrolytes that are needed to help with these issues
  • Gout, arthritis, joint pain relief:  due to silica and several important vitamins and minerals.  Re gout and arthritis, read whole article linked below about adding cucumbers to carrot juice for pain releif
  • Cancer fighter:  due to powerful plant lignans known to help fight against breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancers
  • Hangover cure:  eat some cucumber slices before going to bed.  The B vitamins and electrolytes will help offset the morning hangover

The list is longer.  Go to the article I’ve linked here to read more:

To read my first post on cucumbers and why they are a beauty superfood click on this link:

P.S.  I prefer English cucumbers.  The skin is much more edible.  But be sure to buy organic due to the heavy use of pesticides on conventional cucumbers.


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