Bowel movement, poop, stool, feces, #2… Whatever you call it – here’s what it should look like.

The following excerpt comes from the Body Ecology blog.  Full article linked below.


While each one of us has a distinct personal history that shapes our health and our dietary needs, we all need to get rid of waste. And we all need to do so on a regular basis.

In spite of our unique differences, a healthy bowel movement has a few key features that can apply to almost everyone. As you make changes in your diet and in your lifestyle, you may notice changes in your stool. You know that you are on the right track when a bowel movement:

  • Happens Daily: If you think that a regular and healthy bowel movement happens every 2-3 days, you are not alone. Many of us believe that it is normal to have a movement every other day. In reality, a healthy bowel movement happens every day. And for some of us, after every meal.
  • Has a Clean Wipe: Stool should leave the body easily and cleanly. If you find that there is a wet or sticky residue, this may be an indication of intestinal parasites or gut inflammation.
  • Has Little Odor: In Chinese medicine, odor is a sign of heat and toxicity in the body. Unless you are on a protocol to deeply cleanse the body, there should be little odor with elimination.
  • Is Well-Formed: A well-formed stool is not too dry but still has a smooth shape. When stools are well-formed, this is a good indicator that transit time is on point!

Full article


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