Vitamin D – How much do you need? See chart.

Ever wonder how much vitamin D you need?  Or how much your infant or teen needs?

The deficiency of vitamin D is linked to just about every ailment out there including colds/flu, obesity, depression, MS, certain cancers, diabetes…. the list is long.

There is a reason for that big ol’ sun in the sky.  It’s life giving!  Without it we die. It’s the sun’s rays that help us produce our own vitamin D.

Unfortunately, we’ve been told to fear the sun, and to slather ourselves with sunscreen.   And for those of us in colder climates we just plain don’t get enough sun year round.

Bottom line, most all of us are defiecient in vitamin D.  Get yourself tested.  Find out where you stand.  Optimal blood levels of vitamin D should be in the  50-70 ng/mL range.

Now check out this very informative InfoGraphic on vitamin D.  Find out how much vitamin D you and your kids need.


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