Green drink in 5 minutes!

green drink 002I’ve mastered the speed of the green drink.

I can chop, dice, load and lock, blend and be drinking in 5 minutes.

This particular green drink contains kale, celery, cucumber, apple, chia seeds and very diluted cranberry juice.

I use the Bella Rocket Blender.

Target sells them for $25-$30.

Give it a whirl.

Your body will shout: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

P.S. This could be considered part 2 of my earlier post on wrinkle-free skin.


4 responses to this post.

  1. My blender just recently died. I think I’m going to head to Target right now and give this green drink a try! Thanks Lisa!


    • Perfect timing! Just so you know, the Bella Rocket blender makes about 16 oz of juice tops. It’s really a “personal” size blender as opposed to a “family” size blender. But it’s enough for Mike and I to share. You may still need a MARGARITA size blender too!


  2. Posted by Vicki Navarro on January 18, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Sounds interesting but, i read part one, and now part two!! how much of everything do you need to put in? just fill up the blender?


    • Hi Vicki !!
      I am not a “recipe” gal. I pretty much shoot from the hip. For this particular green drink I used two kale leaves cut up into pieces, two small stalks celery chopped up, about a 2 inch chunk off of an English cucumber (with skin), about a third of an apple, 1 teaspoon chia seeds. All this crammed into blender cup, then poured in cran-water til it about filled cup. Then blended. Again, this was done in a bullet type blender (not a regular big blender). The little bullet blenders seems to do a better job, at least better than my regular big blender which I didn’t have much success with. But then it’s kind of a whimpy blender (no VitaMix for sure!). Hope that helps.


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