Juicing your veggies – it’s so easy! And so very anti-aging.

Juice before and after 001Juice before and after 003I am so pleased with how easy and quick juicing is that I’m blogging about it again.

I just wish I would have started doing this when I was 10!

The “before” photo shows chopped up kale, celery, cucumber, cilantro, carrots, apple and chia seeds.  Then I filled it with very diluted cranberry juice.  See earlier post on health benefits of cran-water.

The “after” photo shows drinks for two.

From start to finish, including the chopping and clean up, it takes about 5-10 minutes.

And my little Bella Rocket blender cup makes enough for two 6-8 oz glasses (or one Big Gulp).

Consider it several servings of veggies in a glass.

And it doesn’t need to be that many veggies.  Three or four will do.  Just make sure one of them is kale.  Kale is a superstar!


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