Drink a lot of coffee? Lattes? A must read.

coffee pot drinkerBoy, do I know some people who are not going to be happy with this news.   So sorry but felt it important enough to pass on.

This news is especially important if you have blood sugar issues like diabetes, or have been told you are pre-diabetic or insulin resistant.  Or if obesity is an issue.

All  the above conditions are  inflammatory.   And you never want your body to be in a constant state of inflammation – very damaging.

Coffee certainly isn’t the only culprit.   But you may want to consider your coffee habit after reading this.

The article is written by Dr Mark Hyman who is highly respective in the field of medicine.

Here is a quote from the article:

“Chances are if you are reading this either you or someone you care about is sick, inflamed, hormonally imbalanced, nutritionally-compromised, overworked, stressed out, fatigued, depressed, and toxic. Coffee is not part of the medicine required for your healing.”

For me personally, coffee is not an issue.  But I do drink green tea every morning.  I’m just a one-bagger though.  And I do add lemon!  So I’m hoping that’s ok with the doc.

Here’s the article:



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