EGGS – Read all about it

eggMy local farmer’s market starts up in 2 weeks. I’ll be selling Face Food!

But this post is about EGGS.  Which I will be buying each time I’m at my farmer’s market because they sell farm fresh, pastured eggs.

Some of the benefits of buying eggs from chickens that get to roam the pasture vs caged chickens:

  • higher omega 3’s
  • higher vitamin E
  • higher beta carotene
  • And LESS cholesterol *

And what’s really cool – pastured eggs have higher vitamin D.  Why?  Because the chickens are outside – gettting sunshine!

* Here is a link to a short article on the benefits of pastured eggs and more about cholesterol:

If you do not have a local farmer’s market, then most quality health food stores sell pastured eggs.

But beware, cage free eggs are not the same as pastured eggs.  While a chicken may be allowed outside it’s cage,  it is still usually confined to an indoor facility.

And eat the WHOLE egg.  It’s the golden yolk that contains all the nutrients.


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