Skin Deep – an online database to check out the products you’re putting on your face, body and hair

EWGIf you’ve not checked out the site Skin Deep you should.

Most people are becoming more aware of what they feed the inside of their body but what about all the stuff you slather all over the outside of your body i.e. shampoo, make-up, body lotion, sunscreen, etc.

This site rates over 65,000 different products with an easy red light, green light, yellow light rating system.  Try to go green.

PS  Blatant sales plug:  Face Food would rate a GREEN light !!

Read on for information about Skin Deep’s database:

Dear Friend,
Have you used EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to look up your shampoo or moisturizer? These are just the beginning.
EWG developed Skin Deep to be your go-to online resource for personal care product ingredient safety information. Our researchers are constantly updating Skin Deep’s database with new products. It now rates more than 65,000 different products in a wide variety of categories.
Find the rating of your:

And check out the Skin Deep homepage to see all the product categories and search for a specific product.
Here’s to smarter personal care product shopping.
Sincerely, Nneka Leiba Deputy Director of Research, Environmental Working Group


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