We met THE cutest couple this weekend. They are truly a testament to staying active.

Fred and MarthaThis is Fred Smith and his companion Martha. Fred is 86. Martha is 91.

We met them today on Cypress Island, one of the San Juan Islands here in Washington.  We had just kayaked ashore as Fred and Martha were offloading gear from their sailboat to their campsite.

They had sailed from Samish Island where they live.  This is about a 7-8 mile crossing via Bellingham Channel.

Did I mention they are 86 and 91 !!!

Fred has been sailing for years.  The boat in the picture is a Pelican.  He and his brother designed, built and sold over 500 of these very cool little sailboats beginning in the early 1960’s.  They did this all on Samish Island at their Smith Boat Shop.

We visited with Fred and Martha for a short while then headed off to hike Eagle Cliff while they finished up pitching their tent and setting up camp.  They were expecting other Pelicaneers to show up shortly.

If your interested, here is a link to an article written about Fred, his brother and the boats they built at the Smith Boat Shop.  It’s a good story.

Mike and I were truly inspired by Fred and his 91 year old pal Martha.

PS  Besides attributing his longevity to staying active, Fred says he eats a lot of fresh seafood.  Apparently he’s known for cooking salmon feasts for his fellow Pelicaneers.


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