Want to drop a few pounds and have glowing skin? Start juicing. Read on.

There are so many good reasons to juice. Like vanity for instance.

juicing glassYour skin glows, you age less rapidly and you can shed excess weight.

Another good reason, and probably one of the best reasons:  “As they say on the airplane – put your own mask on first. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

Here is an excerpt from a well written article explaining,  in a nutshell, the downward spiral of a poor diet:

“The effect of poor diet choices is that it starts a domino effect. It goes  something like this:

Stress, rushing to eat, grab convenience foods that are  non-nutritious, still hungry because body didn’t actually get any nutrients, eat  more. Poor digestion, poor elimination, no time for exercise, poor sleep,  hormone imbalance, skin problems, medication, side-effects of medication,  diminished capacity (both physically and mentally), and so on. Next thing you  know you’re getting your gall bladder removed or the lap band procedure or some  other extreme management of symptoms, none of which have solved the problem.  There is also the possibility of undiagnosed food intolerance, which could be  playing a role. Other signs of this would be new allergies and lowered immunity.  Hormonal imbalance is a probability in overweight people, again often due to  their diet. Toxic buildup from food, the environment, medicines, personal care  products, unfiltered water, and bad habits like soda all contribute to an  unbalanced and unhealthy body. No matter what your situation is, juicing is likely a great way to start getting back on track.”

To read the entire article Click here .  It explains the whys and hows of juicing.

It’s easier than you think.  Promise.


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