I’ve gone back to school !!

BastyrJust wanted to let my regular blog followers know that I am a student again and that my blog posts will be a tad sporadic for the next two years.

I have returned to Bastyr University.  I was accepted into their DPD program (didactic program in dietetics).  Once completed, in approx 2 years, I can sit for the RD exam.

Upon passing, I will then have the credential of RDN – Registered Dietician & Nutritionist.

I have a very strong passion for nutrition and with this new credential I will have considerably increased my knowledge base and therefore be a more effective (and employable) nutritionist.

Wish me luck please.  I’m half way into my first quarter – and it’s a doozy!!  But I’m in for the duration.  I will persevere.

And just knowing that I am able to do this at such a wonderful, highly respected university makes it all the better.  And Bastyr is right in my backyard – well sort of, it’s an hour drive.

If you’re not familiar with Bastyr University, check them out.  They are THE BEST school for the health sciences and natural nutritional medicine.  And they have a great clinic if you’re in need of a doctor that cares.

So that’s my news.  Hope to be blogging at you soon.  But right now I’ve got a microbiology exam to study for.

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