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Sauerkraut – TRILLIONS of healthy, gut loving probiotics!

I was eating right out of my Bubbie’s jar of sauerkraut and thought I’d research the amount of good, health promoting bacteria it contained.

Below is a link to an article I stumbled across.  This is good news if you like fermented foods.  Beats paying for probiotic supplements!

Sauerkraut Test Divulges Shocking Probiotic Count


What’s magic and comes in a bottle? Nope, not wine. But close.

oil and vinegarThis magic potion makes the following claims:

  • Speeds up metabolism and weight loss
  • Whitens teeth
  • Clears up the skin
  • Makes for shiny hair
  • Heals a sore throat
  • Helps with mood, gives you more energy
  • Aids in digestion
  • Even cleans up stinky feet

And that’s the short list.  So what is this magic elixir?

Vinegar!  All natural apple cider vinegar to be precise.

Click here to read all 25 claims being made about apple cider vinegar.

Great info-graphic on Greens (and calcium and bones)

I love info-graphics.  Simple and to the point!

This one on greens and bone health is great.  So are all the other info-graphics shown at the site linked just below Got Greens.



Check out all these other cool info-graphics on health.





Foods with negative calories. Nifty idea for after the Thanksgiving feast.

veggies mixedThe foods they highlight in the link below take more energy (calories) to digest than the actual calories in the food itself.  Hence the term negative calories.  And they have the added bonus of being loaded with all sorts of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients………WINNER!

Not sure how long this link will be active so scurry to it.

Click here for link

P.S.  Scurrying burns calories too!



Avocados win! Apples….it depends.

Organic vs Non- Organic?

Doesn’t it always seem that what’s better for you ends up costing more?  Good news is that there is a very good case to be made for going organic and it’s made very well by Food Matters:  “A cost saver in the long term (with better health, a greater quality of life and less time and money spent being unwell),”

This Food Matters chart below is great.  It not only visually explains the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15, it gives you plenty of information that hopefully will sway you over to the greener, cleaner side.






Check it out:  and see full article at Food Matters

Dirty Dozen Infographic

My gardening attempt cont…..

garden1garden4Progress report:  my first attempt at gardening is going well.  Hopefully the summer will last longer than usual as I was a bit late to plant.

Green onions never made it, the radishes were puny, but the kale, spinach, and tomatoes seem happy.  We’ve already snipped and juiced most of the spinach and some of the kale.

And I’m keeping good thoughts for the lonely little sweet cherry pepper plant.  Come on little buddy – you can do it!

My garden – in it’s infancy.


It may not be pretty but this is the beginning of my vegetable garden.

I plan on sharing pictures soon of my radishes, sweet cherry peppers, heirloom tomatoes, green onions, kale and spinach.

So here’s to hoping I can turn my brown thumb green!!

Stay tuned…..

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