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What’s magic and comes in a bottle? Nope, not wine. But close.

oil and vinegarThis magic potion makes the following claims:

  • Speeds up metabolism and weight loss
  • Whitens teeth
  • Clears up the skin
  • Makes for shiny hair
  • Heals a sore throat
  • Helps with mood, gives you more energy
  • Aids in digestion
  • Even cleans up stinky feet

And that’s the short list.  So what is this magic elixir?

Vinegar!  All natural apple cider vinegar to be precise.

Click here to read all 25 claims being made about apple cider vinegar.


Fresh batch of Face Food. Yummy!

Face Food fresh batchI just made a fresh batch of Face Food.

Looks good enough to eat. And you could – it’s that natural.

It’s the perfect recipe for nourishing your face (and neck…and hands).

I just need to put on the lids and labels and they’re ready to go.

To purchase go to Etsy.

To learn more about Face Food go to

And thank you for following my blog on Common Sense Nutrition.

Carrot juice makes your eyelashes longer!!

eyelashesThe following are some great tips regarding juicing.  Love the one about carrot juice making your eyelashes healthier and longer!!

Some things I learned when I read this excerpt from the Healthy for Change blog:

  • Use more veggies
  • Rotate your veggies, don’t get stuck on kale.  See the reasons below.
  • Go easy on the fruit.  Better to eat fruit in its whole form.
  • Add carrots for my eyelashes!

Read on for the whys and wherefores.

Are You Making These 8 Common Juicing Mistakes?

By Vani Hari (Food Babe)

I love green juice so much that I would marry it if I wasn’t already married. When I see families, especially children, drinking green juice, my heart melts on the floor, but when I see people drinking juice in a less than stellar way and making common mistakes, I get crazy concerned and want to help. That’s why I want to go over common juicing mistakes I have personally witnessed, so hopefully I can put my crazy concerned look to rest. It’s important to remember – we are all learning in this big bad world of processed foods, and juicing is better than not juicing at all, even if you make these mistakes.

Top 8 Common Juicing Mistakes

1. Not Drinking Green Juice On An Empty Stomach
Recently a blogger friend of mine tried juicing for the first time, and when she finished her first juice she proclaimed to me that it gave her heart burn. Immediately, I asked her if she drank her juice on an empty stomach, and she said “No, I had it after breakfast.” Fresh juice should only be consumed on an empty stomach. The whole point of drinking juice is diminished if you don’t, and can end up giving you digestive issues like my friend experienced.

Drinking juice on an empty stomach allows the vitamins and minerals in the juice to go straight to your bloodstream. Having fiber or a meal already in your stomach prevents your body from quickly absorbing the nutrients from the juice. A good general rule of thumb to follow is to wait at least 2 hours after a meal to drink a green juice and wait 20 mins after drinking a green juice to consume a meal.

2. Waiting Too Long To Drink Your Green Juice

As soon as your freshly made green juice gets exposed to air, its live enzymes begin to degrade, therefore decreasing the nutritional content. I can immediately tell the difference in how I feel after drinking fresh juice vs. an older juice. The live enzymes of a fresh juice give me immediate energy – where as older juice just doesn’t give me the same boost. For this reason, unless you have a slow masticating juicer or twin gear, I recommend always consuming the juice fresh and within 15 mins of making it. This is especially important if you make your juice without a juicer using a blender and strainer.

For slow or twin-gear juicers, I recommend storing juice in an airtight container (filled to the top with no air gap) for up to 24-36 hours, and for a press juicer up to 72 hours. If you decide to store your juice, remember to keep it refrigerated at all times before consuming. This is also important to keep in mind when you buy pre-made, raw unpasteurized juice because as soon as the juice becomes warm, bacteria can begin to grow that could be harmful. Always keep your juice in the fridge or a cooler if traveling if you don’t drink it right away. If you notice your favorite juice bar keeping juices longer than 72 hours, make sure they are using high pressure pasteurization technology (like Suja Juice and Blueprint Cleanse) – otherwise, they are getting away with selling you lower quality and nutritionally degraded juice.

3. Using Too Many Sweet Fruits and Vegetables In Your Green Juice

Sweet fruits and vegetables like watermelon, apples, pears, and carrots are very nutritious when consumed whole, but if you consume too many of them juiced, the amount of sugar and fructose you are adding to your diet could be over the top. If a juice has too much natural sugar it can affect insulin levels pretty dramatically, causing cravings and other not so pretty things to happen, like gaining weight. This is why I recommend keeping the sugary fruits and vegetables in your green juice to a maximum of 1 per serving. It’s important to keep sugar in check to be able to sustain steady and consistent energy levels.

I personally do not add any fruit to my daily green juice any longer, but I still love the occasional carrot (for their eye lash enhancing properties) and beet (for their detoxing capabilities). Exceptions to this rule are lemons and limes that are naturally very low in sugar and do not spike blood insulin levels like other fruits. (One caveat – if you are trying to get your children switched over to green juice, you can start by adding 2 fruits per serving, but then slowly decrease this over time as they become accustomed to the taste.)

4. Treating Green Juice Like A Meal (unless on a fast or having it as a snack)

Juice isn’t a meal replacement, rather it is a meal enhancer or snack. Juicing is nature’s vitamin pill and should be consumed like a supplement within 20 mins before a complete meal. It’s really hard to eat the amount of vegetables recommended by most experts (6-8 servings) in a typical day. It’s rare to see Americans eating vegetables for breakfast, and at lunch a typical vegetable serving could be as small as a piece of lettuce or tomato on a sandwich, making it probable that your target amount of vegetable servings for the day will not be met. It takes a few pounds of vegetables to get a 12-ounce glass of juice – which gives you an entire day’s serving in one glass.

Juicing should be like taking a vitamin but of course it’s a billion times better. Additionally, drinking juice before a meal reduces carb and sweet cravings and completely changes your taste buds to want something plant-based verses something heavy or processed. Juicing allows you to absorb many more vitamins and minerals than you would otherwise by consuming smoothies or eating fruits and vegetables with the fiber. The only time I wouldn’t consume a meal after juicing would be during a juice fast.

5. Not Chewing Your Green Juice

Juice (and smoothies) are food and should be chewed. It’s important to swish around the juice in your mouth or move your jaw up and down for a couple of seconds before swallowing it to release saliva that contains important digestive enzymes. The digestive enzymes are crucial in delivering key nutrients to your cells. When I visited with Dr. Mercola for lunch, it was fun witnessing him doing this when he drank his green juice – he swished it back and forth quite energetically! I personally like to use less of an obvious gesture and keep the juice in my mouth a few seconds before swallowing it.

6. Leaving Your Juicer Dirty

I know juicing can take time and life can get busy, things like cleaning your juicer right away can get pushed to the side, but let me tell you, cleaning your juicer (at least rinsing it off) will save you and your knuckles a lot of scrubbing later. If I know time is going to be tight, I’ll often throw all the parts of the juicer in a sink and let them soak with water and a little soap – that way, when I get back to cleaning the juicer, it will be much easier. Also, to save time when I juice in the morning, I’ll pre-wash the vegetables the night before, eliminating this step the next day, and allowing me more time to clean the juicer right away. I’ve gotten my juicing routine down to 20 mins using a 2 step press juicer, which is pretty darn good if you ask me! When I use a centrifuge or another type of juicer, my timing is usually around 15 mins from start to cleanup.

7. Juicing Spinach or Kale Over and Over Again

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s key for juicing correctly and safely and to avoid hormonal issues. Remember to rotate the greens (kale, chard, spinach, mustard greens, collards, dandelion, arugula, etc.) in your juice each week to prevent build up of oxalic acid (which can affect the thyroid gland) and provide a balanced amount of different vitamins and minerals for your body.

8. You Stopped Green Juicing Because You Heard That Drinking Smoothies Is Better (or maybe you never started)

For the record, I consume both smoothies and juices, but I also know there is no other way to get the extraordinarily amount of powerful nutrients trapped inside green vegetables than to juice them. Drinking juice has the power to make you feel like you have never before – it’s quite magical and something I wouldn’t give up for every smoothie in the world. Our soil is nutritionally depleted due to the use of pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and conventional farming practices, drastically reducing the amount of many vitamins and minerals once abundantly available to us. Eating a piece of broccoli now vs. 20 years ago does not yield the same amount of nutrition. It’s crucial that we try to compensate for this fact by juicing.

Juicing allows you to get the extra boost you need much more efficiently than trying to chew an unachievable amount of vegetables all day. When I started drinking carrot juice, my eye lashes immediately started to grow longer within just a couple of weeks. Feeling the extra energy boost is one thing, but seeing the results in the mirror can be quite dramatic and make you a firm believer of the powers of drinking juice. Drinking juice reduces the amount of energy your body uses for digestion, giving your cells a chance to repair and rebuild. It’s the ultimate preventative medicine when it comes to avoiding disease. Don’t wait until you are already sick or trying to get better to consume juice, it’s about creating a healthy body from within now so you never get sick in the first place.

Want to drop a few pounds and have glowing skin? Start juicing. Read on.

There are so many good reasons to juice. Like vanity for instance.

juicing glassYour skin glows, you age less rapidly and you can shed excess weight.

Another good reason, and probably one of the best reasons:  “As they say on the airplane – put your own mask on first. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

Here is an excerpt from a well written article explaining,  in a nutshell, the downward spiral of a poor diet:

“The effect of poor diet choices is that it starts a domino effect. It goes  something like this:

Stress, rushing to eat, grab convenience foods that are  non-nutritious, still hungry because body didn’t actually get any nutrients, eat  more. Poor digestion, poor elimination, no time for exercise, poor sleep,  hormone imbalance, skin problems, medication, side-effects of medication,  diminished capacity (both physically and mentally), and so on. Next thing you  know you’re getting your gall bladder removed or the lap band procedure or some  other extreme management of symptoms, none of which have solved the problem.  There is also the possibility of undiagnosed food intolerance, which could be  playing a role. Other signs of this would be new allergies and lowered immunity.  Hormonal imbalance is a probability in overweight people, again often due to  their diet. Toxic buildup from food, the environment, medicines, personal care  products, unfiltered water, and bad habits like soda all contribute to an  unbalanced and unhealthy body. No matter what your situation is, juicing is likely a great way to start getting back on track.”

To read the entire article Click here .  It explains the whys and hows of juicing.

It’s easier than you think.  Promise.

This morning’s juice.

Morning juiceSuch a simple way to get your body, and every cell in it, to say “Thank you, I needed that!”

Today’s elixir was made with raw almonds, carrots, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, kale, strawberries and fresh pineapple.  Into which I always pour cran water.

Usually I go easier on the fruit and heavier on the veggies.   Especially the dark greens (kale, spinach, swiss chard, cilantro, etc).  The greens are the real power houses.  Then I add just enough fruit to sweeten.

Juiced veggies are a win win.  Your insides thrive on it and your outside shows it.

P.S.  Thanks Bev for letting me pick all that fresh kale.  Amazing how long it lasts when freshly picked.  I just ordered some organic kale seeds for late summer planting.  We’ll see if I have a green thumb.

Skin Deep – an online database to check out the products you’re putting on your face, body and hair

EWGIf you’ve not checked out the site Skin Deep you should.

Most people are becoming more aware of what they feed the inside of their body but what about all the stuff you slather all over the outside of your body i.e. shampoo, make-up, body lotion, sunscreen, etc.

This site rates over 65,000 different products with an easy red light, green light, yellow light rating system.  Try to go green.

PS  Blatant sales plug:  Face Food would rate a GREEN light !!

Read on for information about Skin Deep’s database:

Dear Friend,
Have you used EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to look up your shampoo or moisturizer? These are just the beginning.
EWG developed Skin Deep to be your go-to online resource for personal care product ingredient safety information. Our researchers are constantly updating Skin Deep’s database with new products. It now rates more than 65,000 different products in a wide variety of categories.
Find the rating of your:

And check out the Skin Deep homepage to see all the product categories and search for a specific product.
Here’s to smarter personal care product shopping.
Sincerely, Nneka Leiba Deputy Director of Research, Environmental Working Group

Face Food – we’ve improved it !!

Face Food jarsFace Food just got a make-over.  We’ve improved the formulation.

It’s still the same all natural 6 ingredients:  Aloe vera, coconut oil, green tea, grapefruit seed extract, vitamins C and E.

That’s right  – just  6 skin loving ingredients!

And now we’ve increased it’s nourishing and anti-aging capability by replacing green tea with green tea extract.

Green tea is well known for it’s many health and beauty benefits.  Green tea extract increases and enhances those benefits.

Skin cells love to be protected and nourished.  Face Food does just that!

And my business partner and I make it fresh weekly.

To purchase:  Go to   (If you’re local please contact me and save yourself the shipping)

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