New news:  This page will be changing as my status has recently changed.  I am now a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.

The following services and prices listed below will also be updated soon.   

The Basic – Body Composition Testing:  $35

The most important reason to test Body Composition is to make sure that the ongoing changes within your body are moving in the right direction.  As an example, if weight loss is your goal, then it should be fat that you’re losing – not muscle!   Body Composition testing can track this.   Using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), we can determine your percent body fat, fat free mass (muscle), hydration status, cellular health, your calorie needs, and more.   Having this information is a great starting point.  It is a motivator for making lifestyle changes that improve health and function.   This test can be repeated again and again to track results.  And it’s quick and painless!

The Basic PLUS:  $55

This service includes the above Body Composition Test, a detailed interpretation of results, along with a nutrition and exercise consultation.   The above Body Comp test is a first step.   Understanding how to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices is the next step.  We cover this in Basic PLUS.

Grocery Store Shopping Tour:   $50

Learn how to make healthier purchases at the market.  Together we will tour your grocery store and evaluate the food choices you’ve been making.  We will discuss the importance of being a label reader – ingredients matter!   Learn the importance of shopping the perimeter of your market, while avoiding most of what is available in the center aisles.

In-Home Kitchen Evaluation:   $50

Review and revise contents of your pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator.  Our kitchens should be a place of nourishment.  Too often the contents of our refrigerator and pantries sabotage our health.  Let’s give your  kitchen a healthy make-over.

Recipe Facts:  $20

Do you have a favorite recipe?  Ever wonder how many calories are in a serving?  Or what the fat content is?  Or if  it provides any fiber?  Give me your recipe and I’ll run it through a specialized nutritional analysis software.   I will provide you with a written report which will include:  calories, fat, carb, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s, and much more.

Walk and Talk:  $35

Lets get some exercise while discussing the value of good nutrition.  A true Win Win!

Note regarding the above services and pricing:   Several of the above services can be bundled and the price can be adjusted to take this into account.    We can tailor a program that fits your needs.   I’m happy to discuss this with you.

GROUP RATES AVAILABLE Get a group together for a healthy, informative gathering – and save $$

Supplements:  need suggestions.  See my “Supplement” tab for more information.

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